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What are you likely to find when you come into Tifereth Israel to pray? You’ll see men and women, of all ages, singing and joining together. You’ll see people of all different levels of Jewish knowledge engaged in the same spiritual practices. You might see a special Inclusion Service on Friday night, for people with special needs and their families; or a joyous celebration of an aufruf on Shabbat morning; or a meditation service led by one of our clergy.

You could characterize our prayer community best with three adjectives:

Our prayer inspires! Judaism says that prayer should move us. It should hit us at an emotional level, helping us to feel more deeply. Our Cantor, Jack Chomsky, is warm, friendly, and relatable, and is renowned in our community as a prayer leader and facilitator. You can often find him composing new niggunim (wordless spiritual Jewish melodies), or learning new prayer techniques from the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, or conducting our youth and adult choirs in beautiful and touching tefillah melodies.

Join us for tefillah! We have so many different services and prayer options for you: let us help inspire you!

We see accessibility in prayer as a crucial Jewish value! We teach tunes, and foster prayer with transliterations of Hebrew into English letters. We explain what is going on in our services, in order to help make them more deeply meaningful.

We create a space that is welcoming and open to families, children, and babies – you’ll often hear the sounds of children singing and playing. We create many opportunities to participate and lead our services – let us know if you’d like to take part!

We are proud to be fully gender egalitarian at Tifereth Israel. We call b’not kohanim and b’not levi’im for aliyot, we pray using the names of our matriarchs, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah, we have both women and men wearing tallit and tefillin.

We see egalitarianism as coming straight out of our Jewish sources. A synagogue which values the religious life of both men and women is a synagogue that expresses most authentically what it means to be Jewish.

We are proud to be a feminist leader in the Columbus Jewish community. Recently, we hosted a communal Women of the Wall solidarity minyan on Rosh Chodesh Kislev, with more than 100 Tifereth Israel congregants and community-members.


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