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A rich and varied catalogue of material from Judaic fiction and nonfiction, periodicals,
DVD's and VHS tapes to children's materials

The Minnie Cobey Memorial Library, under the direction of Helen Chronister, Librarian,  serves the scholarly needs of our members. It is considered to be one of the outstanding congregational libraries in the Midwest, with over 5,000 volumes of Judaica and allied subjects.

Teachers, students, and members of the general community are welcome to use the library facilities. A separate collection for children numbers close to 600 books that benefit the students of the Samuel M. Melton Religious School. Books on the Jewish holidays, Jewish values, and Israel, as well as story collections and young adult fiction can be found.  The Library also has a growing collection of videos of Jewish interest.

Endowed by the late Harry Cobey and his family in loving memory of their beloved wife and mother, the Minnie Cobey Memorial Library Fund ensures the availability of additional books.

Want to help?  Commemorate a special event?  Honor someone's memory?  Email Helen Chronister and she can guide you in choosing appropriate material to donate to the library.  The Minnie Cobey Memorial Library relies on the support of individuals, the congregational community, and shul library funds to maintain and grow the collection and to continue excellence in library services.

Library News

School's out for summer!

Last month some students took home a list of books that they still had checked out. Some of these books have been returned. However, some books are still out. Even though Hebrew School is over, you or your kids can still return books and you can still check-out books throughout the week. If the library is not open when you come in, you can still leave books at the front desk. If you have time, please come into the library and introduce yourself and see what we have to offer in the way of books and DVDs.

Computer Use

A computer is located in the library for the exclusive use of congregants for browsing the Internet or viewing the Encyclopedia Judaica CD-ROM (1997). Congregants wishing to learn more about how computers work may schedule a time with Helen for an informal lesson.

Library Catalog

Come in and check out a DVD from our growing collection or some of our new book titles. Here are a few examples of the new and exciting titles being added:

The Policeman (HA'SHOTER AZULAI) (1971) directed by Ephraim Kishon

Azulai is a policeman in Jaffa, whose incompetence is only matched by his soft-heartedness. His superiors want to send him to early retirement but he would like to stay on the force, and the criminals of Jaffa don't want to see him leave either... (87 min.)  Comedy

This is Sodom (ZOHI SDOM) (2010) directed by Adam Sanderson.  (Winner of 2 Israeli Academy Awards)

This is Sodom is an attempt to revive the tradition of wacky Israeli comedies, for the first time in years, with a large serving of infantile humor and ridiculous characters. (88 min.)  Comedy

Bruriah directed by Avraham Kushnir (2010)

A modern day Jewish woman embarks on a quest for a controversial book written by her father, a rabbi, on the subject ofBruriah, wife of a 2nd Century rabbi. Her own husband decides to replay the Talmud story by encouraging a colleague to flirt with his wife. (89 min.) Drama

Dangerous Acts directed by Shemi Zarhin (1999) (winner of 7 Israeli Academy Awards)

Zvia, a successful actress, loses her entire family in a traffic accident.  Three years later, when the man responsible is let out of prison, he comes to her home begging for forgiveness, starting a chain of surprising events somewhat mirrored by the stage play that the actress is in. (96 min.) Psychological Thriller


Minnie Cobey Memorial Library Looking for Volunteers!

The Minnie Cobey Memorial Library is looking for extra volunteers to do tasks such as entering data on new DVDs and books into the computer. If you have spare time and would like to consider volunteering, please contact Helen Chronister at 253-8523, ext. 112 or

Mon, June 17 2019 14 Sivan 5779